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Character Development

Zionsville Community Schools believe that our students benefit from developing character as well as academic skills. True character development is the hinge upon which academic excellence, personal achievement, and authentic citizenship depend. It calls forth the very best from our students, faculty, staff and parents. 
General respect for authority and the rights of others leads to increased societal calm; respect of self, others and environment, and schools free of substance abuse. Our school community can only assume this responsibility with the assistance of its students, parents/guardians, and community members. 
We recognize parents as the primary moral educators of their children, and believe schools should build a partnership with the home. Schools, as well as religious, youth-based, civic, and other human service organizations, must share in the obligation to produce an involved, caring citizenry with good moral character in order to assure the present and future well-being of our society. 
Toward this end, ZCS school community members will exemplify the virtues in which respect, responsibility, honesty, caring, courage and self-discipline are regularly expected, modeled, taught and celebrated as an integral part of the curriculum and the daily operation of the school. ZCS further expects each school to work in partnership with family and other community organizations to bring about improved student achievement, safe and orderly school environments, and citizens who are contributing members of society.