Closing/Delay Information

 1) School Delay and Closing Information


2) Emergency Announcements

Zionsville Community Schools utilizes an automated telephone and email system to notify all parents when an emergency announcement is necessary. The usefulness of this system is only as good as the telephone and email emergency contact information parents supply to our schools. School delay/cancellation information is also posted on the ZCS website, recorded on the greetings of district telephones, and is provided to local media outlets. In combination, these modes of communication serve to keep parents informed when weather or other emergencies cause schedule or calendar alterations. 


3) After School Cancellations

Due to the age of our student population and the importance of having parents/childcare present when children are home, Zionsville only calls for an unscheduled early release in extremely extenuating circumstances. Threatening weather or other circumstances may, however, require that all after school and evening activities be cancelled. When this is the case, the activities of all organizations using our buildings are also cancelled (i.e., clubs, sports, scout meetings, etc.). 


4) Parent Determination

Even if the schools are open, the final decision about a child's attendance remains with the parent. A decision to close or open school cannot take into account every circumstance. We can best protect the safety and welfare of all students if parents decide what is best for their student with regard to attendance.


5) Impact of Severe Weather

On days with inclement weather, buses may run very late. In addition to traffic jams, heavy snow generally results in unplowed roadways, narrowed streets and reduced corners, which can significantly impact bus progress. Because of this, it is up to the parent to decide if alternate transportation is possible or desirable. If you decide to drive your child to school, consider carpooling with neighbors to help reduce traffic congestion. Also, please shovel your bus stops and sidewalks so that our students can walk safely.