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Parents may add money to their child's lunch account either by sending a check made out to "ZCS Cafes" (be sure to include your child's lunch pin on the memo line of your check) or online by using SchoolPay.
Click here to access the Food Service page, where the monthly lunch menus are posted. 

Lunch Guests

We are ready to welcome lunch guests! Students and their guests will have lunch at designated locations in the front lobby area. Please no more than 2 guests per student due to limited space. So that others may have the opportunity, we ask that you not sign up more than 1 time per month. As we implement this new system/procedure, we will limit availability one more week to Monday, Wednesday, and Friday visits.


Here's how it works:

  • Sign up for a reservation in advance using this link:[email protected]/bookings/ When you sign up, please be certain to complete all fields requested.
  • Be sure to notify your child's teacher so they are informed to send your child to the front lobby to meet you/guest during their scheduled lunch time.
  • Bring a photo ID and arrive 5 minutes early (lunch times are listed on the signup form link above).
  • Your child will meet you in the front office area when they are ready.