School Safety

Please be aware that we use a visitor management system known as SafeVisitor. SafeVisitor is a 30-45 second check-in process that cross references against all national sex offender registries and prints a visitor badge. Please be prepared to scan a government issued ID (Driver License) when arriving to campus as a visitor or volunteer. The printed badge should be visible at all times while in the building. Background checks are still required. Click here for more information, or to submit a background check.


Important Documents
Attendance Policies & School Hours

School Hours

7:50 am Doors open for Elementary students

8:00 am Elementary School Begins; parents must come into the school and sign their child in after 9:00 a.m.

8:05 am Doors open for Preschool students; drop students off in the car line and your teacher will escort your child to their classroom

8:15 am Preschool Begins; parents must come into the school and sign their child in after 8:15 am

10:45 am Half day Preschool Dismissal

2:00 pm Any calls for dismissal changes MUST be made by 2:00 pm

2:30 pm Dismissal (Grades K-4)

2:40 pm Preschool Dismissal; car line takes place at the front of the school 

3:30 pm School Office Closes


Attendance Policies


1) Reporting Student Absence

 It is the parents’ responsibility to report students’ absences or late arrivals to the school office. Calls to report a student’s absence may be left on the school voice mail any time between 3:00 pm of the preceding day and 7:00 am of the day of the absence. Parents are encouraged to avoid the rush between 7:00 am and 8:00 am. If you know your child will be absent for a definite number of days, this can be reported on the first day. As a safeguard, the School Connects software will typically send notification via telephone if a student is absent without a reason being logged into our schools’ absence reporting system. The School Connects call-back service offered by the school corporation is not intended to be a fail-proof procedure for accounting for all students. The corporation makes no promise or guarantee of notification to you if your child is absent from school.


2) Prearranged Absences

 Every effort should be made to schedule vacations and trips at times other than school days. If this is unavoidable, the parent must notify the school at least two (2) school days prior to the absence. If the school does not receive notification at least 2 days prior to the absence, the absence may be considered unexcused. If the student has more than eight (8) days absence a year including the vacation days, any days over the eight (8) days absence limit will be considered unexcused. In the event that a child is going to be absent, the parent/guardian should notify the school office by filling out and returning a Prearranged Absence Form (see above) to the school secretary. This needs to be done at least 2 days before the planned absence. Prearranged absences are strongly discouraged, particularly during times of standardized testing.


3) Habitual Truancy 

A student is considered a "habitual truant" when he/she has three (3) or more unexcused absences from school during a semester, without the knowledge of the parents or school. 
4) Excessive Absences 
Upon the eighth (8th) unexcused or excused absence of per semester or the fifteenth (15th) unexcused or excused absence per school year, a student and parent will be required to meet with the guidance counselor to help the student improve his/her attendance. The school, student and parent will enter into an attendance contract to correct attendance problems. The attendance contract may require the parent and student to provide the school with a doctor’s note for each additional absence. In such a case, if a doctor’s note is not provided to the school the absence will be marked unexcused. Anytime a student has missed five (5) consecutive days due to an illness, a doctor’s note will be required.

Arrival/Dismissal Procedures
Buses provide an excellent transportation option which results in efficiency for arrival and dismissal on our school campus. However, families always have the option to bring their children in cars, or they may walk or bike with their child to the building during fair weather days. We will have crossing guards available unless weather is inclement.


If you are planning to bring your child to school by car, please adhere to the following procedures. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Car Riders:
1) All car arrivals should enter the Boone Meadow campus via Eagle Church entrance/access road.
2) When approaching BME lot at end of access road, Kindergarten-4th grade vehicles should form line in right lane. Signage will designate lanes.
3) Preschool lane forms on the left.
4) Wait for staff to motion you forward to begin drop off process.
5) 1st-4th grade drop off begins at 7:50; Preschool drop off begins at 8:05; Kindergarten drop off begins at 8:50.
6) All drop offs should occur at curb, unless a situation necessitates otherwise. Additional foot traffic at crosswalk delays arrival.
7) Students must exit on curb side of vehicle.


Car Riders:
1) Please enter campus via Eagle Church access road as noted in arrival procedures above.
2) Form lines (K-4th in right lane, and Preschool on left lane)
3) Display name of student in front window (rear view mirror area) to assist with flow of students.
4) Wait for staff to motion you forward.



Lunch Times


Please note that in order to visit your child during lunch, you MUST sign in at the front office

with your driver's license (or other government issued ID).








1st Grade



2nd Grade



3rd Grade



4th Grade


Matters Regarding Instructional Material

Questions or concerns about instructional materials or methods will follow the regular Board of School Trustees’ Policy. The issue will be discussed first with the classroom teacher. If the issue is not resolved, the principal should be contacted. The principal may ask the parent to complete a "Curriculum Concern Form" designed for this policy which will clearly define the concern or complaint. If the concern is not resolved between the parent and the principal, it will be referred to a review committee jointly appointed by the principal and superintendent.

Each school will maintain a review committee for the purpose of receiving and reviewing properly filed concerns. The Curriculum Concern Form must be completed in its entirety before the concern will be referred to the committee. The committee will be composed of five (5) members. Two members will serve on a permanent basis; these members consist of one professional staff member and one parent/patron. One additional staff person and one parent/patron will be appointed specifically for each review. These committee members will be appointed because of their particular expertise and their ability to evaluate information in an unbiased manner. The superintendent will appoint one administrator to serve as the fifth member, to chair the committee deliberations, and to prepare the written report and decision of the committee.

When a signed form is received which has not been resolved between the parent and principal, the review committee will be convened and will evaluate materials and/or methods outlined in the complaint. The parent initiating the review will also be given an opportunity to present the concern to the committee orally in addition to presenting the written documentation. The committee has the discretion to request additional information as they deem appropriate.

After the committee members have received and reviewed the concern and related materials, and conducted interviews, as needed, the committee will meet to make a decision on what, if any, action should be taken on the concern. The decision of the committee will be reported by the chairperson in writing to the individual requesting the review, to the principal and to the superintendent.